Wildlife Holiday in India

India’s Big 5. Just as South Africa is famed for its Big 5, India has its own Big 5 – Tigers, Leopards, Buffalos, Elephants and Rhino.

We arrange trips to see all of the Big 5! We are tied up with 3 national parks in India that are the three best places to see the Big 5: Pench, Kanha and Kaziranga. Pench and Kanha are in Madhya Pradesh, India’s tiger state – half the world’s tigers are estimated to be in India, and around 40% of those are believed to be in Madhya Pradesh. Pench and Kanha also have leopards and buffalo, in fact the largest buffalo in the world. Kaziranga is famed for its rhino and wild Indian elephants.

So forget vacations in Africa, take a safari in India for a wildlife immersion!