Spa - Vacations in India

How many times have you been in the office and colleagues come back with incredible stories of their vacations? And you just wished you were in some faraway land.....maybe with the waves lapping at your feet, or waking up to a view of mountains or a picturesque lake.

Well we say it is time to go and have this unforgettable holiday, go relax and rejuvenate yourself and tell the world you’re not available as you’re having some “me time” YOU DESERVE! We have tied up with some of the world’s award winning spa properties in India, so you can have the best in the world pamper you...

It doesn’t stop there though because we know you want more. These spas also give you a chance to transform yourself. Using scientific life knowledge accumulated from thousands of years, there are ancient Indian “Ayurvedic” treatments that can help you:

• Lose weight
• Tackle back and other joint problems
• Detoxify your body
• Improve blood circulation
• Remove the stresses of work and restore your youthful glow

So let us know if any of these specific treatments appeal to you and we’ll arrange it for you.