Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hadrian giving us that we can't get anywhere else? Why don't we even just book directly with places or other agencies?

Service and Knowledge. These words sound like a cliche but to be quite frank the travel agencies in the US, UK, etc don't know enough about India because they're marketing the same tired routes. The travel agencies in India mostly just want your money and to be done with you. We're standing out, saying we're only going to offer you vacations that we believe in and where we think you will see India differently and enjoy it. So we're not offering vacations to Goa which has become over-crowded and we're not looking at Rajasthan which is overdone and can be harrowing.

Instead when you book with Hadrian, we'll tell you when the best time to see tigers are, make sure your massages are arranged ahead of time so you don't miss out if schedules are full and try to minimise any out-of-pocket expenses. Many travel agents, for instance - and it is common for India - will book you for a trip and you'll still find yourself forking out cash for each and every incidental along the way....we don't believe in that. We think travellers deserve to know as many costs upfront as possible.

A lot of the big players don't care if you come back to them, because they've got the volumes to sit back. We're a small company who has to rely on customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals. So we're going to look after you a lot better.

Do we need a visa to India?

Almost everyone needs a Tourist Visa to come to India. Recent developments have made the visa application a bit more cumbersome, so we'd recommend applying at your local Consulate/Embassy at least 5 weeks in advance of your trip. In short, you need to leave a large margin, no matter what the Consulate says the minimum processing time is. Also no matter what the visa form recommends, we also recommend for you to get a letter from your employer stating that you are travelling purely for tourism and that you will not be engaging in any professional activities during your stay in India. This requirement is usually only for some professions, but things are a little inconsistent in terms of when it is applied so please get this done to prevent any hassles.

Do we need an additional/special visa for the Andaman Islands?

Yes. A visa is given on arrival at Port Blair as long as you have an Indian visa. However, to be completely prepared, check with your local Consulate to see if they can provide you an Andaman Islands visa before you arrive in India.

What are some of the things we need to be careful about?

It is difficult to be comprehensive about this, but by-and-large we'd recommend to: only buy bottled water, never eat road-side food (or unpeeled fruit or uncooked vegetables), always bargain whenever you buy something and check with your doctor on any recommended vaccinations. We would also recommend you carry a small travel medical kit that includes Immodium and Lomotil (for any stomach upsets), mosquito repellent, sun tan lotion and paracetamol.

We don't see any booking or payment portal. How are we meant to book a vacation?

Every customer is going to require a customised trip and different options, so to package things beforehand does not make sense to us. Send us an email, let's get an understanding of your needs and preferences, then we can design your itinerary accordingly. We use CCAvenue for generating invoices and credit card payments, as they are the largest and most secure payment portal in South Asia. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB.

So you mentioned tigers. When is the best time to see them and is there a season?

The season is from October to June, but the best time to see tigers is from March to June. This is because many of the water holes have dried up and tigers have fewer areas from which to drink, making them easier to spot.

We've taken vacations in India before and seen the major sights, why should we come back?

You might think you've seen India, but you'll think again when you take your vacation with us!

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