Ladakh - Indian Culture Vacations Vacations are really what you make of it. Some people like to relax, some like to see as many sights as possible. Our cultural vacations appeal to the sightseeing type, who want to immerse themselves in the history of India.

There are three must-see cultural tours of India that you should do, to even come close to saying you’ve seen India.

Two luxury train tours, The Golden Chariot and Maharajas Express, ensure you see different parts of India and a wide variety of splendour.

Our tour of Ladakh, or little Tibet as it is known, will show you India’s thriving Buddhist community. You get there by a trans Himalayan flight from Delhi, seeing spectacular mountain views and can visit the Hemis Monastery (thought by some scholars to be where Jesus learnt about Buddhism), experience local life and drive the highest motorable pass in the world. There is also half day rafting offered to anyone interested.